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Re: GP didn't even give referral

Originally Posted by janewhite1 View Post
It is possible you have arthritis. And it's true some surgeons are a bit single-minded: "You're not a surgical case, don't let the door slam on your way out!" BUT:

1) You don't know what the problem is, so you don't know whether or not surgery is warranted.

2) The good orthopedic surgeons take their time, consider all options, and try conservative treatments first.

3) If nothing else, you can get scans and, more importantly, have the scans read by someone who knows what he's doing.

A few additional thoughts: There are a lot of chiropractors who are quacks and do more harm than good. Some are great, but many are not.

The pain spreading out from the shoulder kinda resonated with me. I get muscle knots that tie into one another. A knot in my shoulder can trigger pain in my neck, head, jaw or finger. My jaw pain comes from cheek muscle spasms which connect to neck spasms.

You say the muscle is softer. My first guess at why would be deconditioning--if the shoulder has been hurting that long, you probably don't use the arm as much. Which is what any sensible person would do, avoid activities that are very painful.
It's weird I went to the chiropractor for about a year and it seemed to help slightly, I only went back because my migraines happened less frequently. (He was also a cranial doctor).

I will try the orthopedic doctor and hopefully they won't say I need surgery. The pain usually leaves me alone, though when I do things like raise my arm up or use the mouse on the computer for long periods of time it gets a bit painful, then I will get the sharp pain sometimes when I am not moving it. It's just the weird clicking in both my neck and shoulder and jaw that irritates me the most.

My mother did have arthritis, so that may be a cause, though I am not so sure it's in a joint. I have seen a naturopathy doctor and they believed it was two ligaments rubbing against each other (lol, he said it would go away, what would he know). It seems to be in the trapezium area, or underneath that muscle? I was wondering would it be best to get the MRI and possibly an X-ray before I see the orthopedic doctor?