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Re: September Mommies!

Hi Ladies,

Festivus, 2 heartbeats! That is so exciting! How long do you have to wait before you know for sure that it's twins, and not vanishing twin syndrome? 2nd trimester?

I personally think it is never too early to buy maternity clothes. You can't tell that pants are maternity anyways, so why not be confortable? I actually never stopped wearing one pair of maternity pants after having my son, because there are the only gray dress pants I have. I love em! So, go shopping whenever you want! There are no rules, I say!

I've been feeling pretty good lately, but I had my first bout of m/s this morning. I was driving to work, and had to roll down the window for some fresh air because I felt so sick (and it was -10 out!). It passed pretty quickly, but I remember this happening a lot to me in the morning last time. Otherwise I'm feeling good. It's funny, I feel so "normal" that I sometimes forget I'm pregnant! No sore boobs, feeling pretty energetic, no mood swings. Yet, of course! : )

I think we're going to tell our siblings this weekend, and then start moving on to close friends. So exciting!

Okay, and, silly question - do you think it's inappropriate to have a baby shower for your second child?

Hope you're doing great and we'll chat soon!