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Re: Possible MD?


I have since been to the cardiologists appointment. I told him about my thought regarding MD. I listed off some of the symptoms. I showed him my calf muscles and bingo it clicked with him "looks like you have diagnosed yourelf" In fairness it was kinda funny!! He also looked at a few other things. He commented that I walk with a waddling gait. It almost shocked me as I'm really surprised at how few people have really commented on my walk, especially my family. He took a look at me and said that I visible wasting in my thigh area, especially quads. He did a few strength tests that proved my weakness. It seems pretty convincing that I have MD. He ordered me to do a blood test to test for creatine kinase, which I did this morning. I will have the results shortly hopefully. He also is referring me to a neurologist as soon as possible (apparently there is a long waiting list for seeing neurologists here in Ireland). I hope I don't have to wait long. I feel like I've opened a can of worms. In reality the MD has been staring me in the face for years. Its only when I realised it was effecting my heart that I realised how serious this whole thing is. I'd be glad of any opninions or suggestions.


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