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Re: September Mommies!

Hi everyone!! I'm still feeling good also. Only time I feel a little sick is if I get really hungry. I felt queasy with my first but never threw up. I can't remember when that started. As far as maternity pants. I think I was into my 2nd trimester before I wore them.

How excited you saw two heartbeats. I'm still nervously awaiting my first u/s. Only 1 week to go. I'm thankful we are coming up on our busiest time of the year at work.

I had to tell my sister in law who has a fitness business. I'm one of the run trainers and we start a running group next weekend. I will not be joining them this time. I do still do Zumba. Only low impact now. I hope I can continue throughout my pregnancy. We will see what the Dr says about that. Since one sister in law knew I told the other one. We haven't told our parents yet. I think we will tell them this weekend. As for my friends.... I'm torn. We may wait til the 12 wk mark. If not the 12 wk mark at least until the first u/s.

2nd baby shower is not inappropriate . If you have a girl you'll need clothing. If you have a boy you could do a diaper and wipes shower. You can ALWAYS use those.