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Re: Abuse of someone w/Asperger's syndrome & "EMF" sesitivity.

Originally Posted by Kilari View Post
Can someone please help me, I am an individual with the combination of "Asperger's syndrome & "EMF" sesitivity." Because I am 'leagally' diagnosed as "mentally disabled," no one in the legal profession will give me the 'time of day.' A new, not 'publically known' therapy has been developed for individuals like myself, however, I neither requested, nor did I ever appear in a court of law via summoms stating that I was under 'court order' to participate in this 'medical study.' Is there anyone who can tell me how to "free" myself from these individuals.
I don't understand your post. Is someone saying that you have to go through this therapy? Who are you trying to free yourself from? The lawyers? A doctor?