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Re: Abdominal Adhesions

I have been dealing wih pelvic adhesions for almost a year and a half. I had surgery in November of 2009...I went in for a partial hysterectomy. With in 2-3 months of that surgery I was experiencing a tugging or pulling pain on my left side, I felt like I was carrying a bowling ball in my pelvic area, I was having trouble with my bowels, and a burning sharp pain in my upper left thigh. After 3 months of trying different medication with no relief my dr decided to go back "have a look" and what was supposed to be a laprascopic procedure turned into another open surgery in July of 2010. Exactly 3 weeks after that surgery I began to have those same symptoms. I was referred to a pain clinic (which was a joke) and now I know that I need to have another surgery, but my dr won't operate on me again. I am so frustrated......does anyone have any suggestions on different treatments or any other information?

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