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Re: enzymes...any experience out there?

Hi I think if the right naturopath is found healing can be good. I think acupuncture is useless. I think many enzymes are from animals and raise potential for cancer. The vegetarian papaya in my opinion might not be all that helpful. Raw pineapple has lots of enzymes in it and can be juiced. Cabbage has been used for ulcerations inside the body and outside. Some other raw foods are said to have enzymes in them. I am not sure if probiotics are truly useful although I have a friend who likes them.

Vitamin D can be obtained with sun. I would get all the sun possible (without burning it or deliberately tanning it) except maybe between the hours of 10 a.m. and 2 p.m particularly in summer.

Sometimes a person is so desperate too many supplements are used or even too many foods in a meal and it is a bit too complex for the stomach to handle nicely. In the opinion of some meals should be simple containing maybe a couple dishes 3 at most.

I would leave 5 hours between meals and if a supplement or herb is taken I would take it with a bite of food instead of between meals for digestive reasons. Of course all decisions are in the hands of the people who use the various things.

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