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Unhappy Disconnected feeling in the head

I am a 20 years old and for the past 4 months have been experiencing this constant feeling that I (in my head) am disconnected from the rest of my body. It's as if my "self awareness/self perception" has been altered in an very abnormal way that leaves me feeling disconnected from my own body. I just don't feel like the normal "me" in my head and it is very saddening, discouraging, and frustrating that it doesn't go away.

I also have been experience impairment in short term memory and also it is more difficult to focus than what it used to be. I am currently in college and school work has become much more difficult with this "disconnected feeling". The feeling tends to be worse if I am tired. This has totally interfered with my daily life because I am persistently stuck with this altered mind state.

I have been to many doctor's and they have found nothing abnormal in any tests, scans, or examinations. It is extremely frustrating because the feeling I have is so strange that it makes it impossible for someone (including doctors) to fully understand unless they have experience the feeling themselves. It is so hard to express the disconnected feeling to doctor's because it is such a strange feeling which leaves me feeling like no one will be able to help me because the medical world doesn't fully understand what it is. (A lot of the doctor's I have been to just tell me it's anxiety and want to put me on meds but i'm not sure that is such a good idea anymore.)

I was on lorazepam for 2 weeks in October, and I kind of think it could be related to the disconnected feeling by screwing up my neurotransmitters or something. Does anyone know if lorazepam could cause something like this? And has anyone had any luck with getting rid of "disconnected feeling"? And if so how?

I am willing to try anything at this point to just feel back to normal. I just want to get rid of this thing

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