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Re: Esophageal Motility Test and 24-Hour pH Test

Originally Posted by MountainReader View Post
I've had two regular 24 hr. pH tests w/ manometries and another pH test just above the UES.

If you get a good technician, they should be able to coach you through the insertion of the tubes. In my case, they numbed my throat and nostrils to lessen the feeling of the tubes being inserted. When they put the tube down into my throat, they had me swallowing water through a straw at the same time to assist with the gagging issue. It isn't too bad if you let nature take its course while swallowing. If you try to fight it, it can be a bit tougher. The technician should be coaching you step by step though to make the process go smoothly.

The manometry tube is first. They will measure your esophageal motility. They will also use this to determine the location of your esophageal sphincters so they know the correct placement of the pH probe. They will then pull that tube out and insert the second probe. The second tube is thinner, but it is a bit more rigid than the first so you might initially feel it a bit more at first. At least then you will know what to expect though.

If you are having acid issues, these are both important diagnostic tests so I highly recommend proceeding with the testing. Just tell yourself "I know I can" to help you get through this.

Good luck,
i had no idea a manometry had to be performed first, yesterday another user told me about it and now i read this, i'll have to fight to get the manometry first, doctors here don't know what the hell they are doing and my parents do religiously what they say (no wonder im still feeling like crap), im glad somebody made this thread, do they give you any kinda of sedative before doing the manometry and ph monitoring?

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