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Re: Abuse of someone w/Asperger's syndrome & "EMF" sesitivity.

Hello 'Listener 52',

Thank you for responding to my request, however, please understand that I cannot respond to your 'inquiry' as openly as I would like, and I ask that you note that being one with 'asperger's syndrome' that I do not lie. The source of the 'abuse' I cannot "identify," however, it is my belief that the 'theraputic process' of which I am a 'victim' is a "crime of conviengence." By this I mean that, 1) the unique composition of my multiple disabilities made me one of the 'optimal canidates as a 'test subject' for this process, and 2) the medical professional that made it possible for me to be 'drafted' into this study was able to do so, because they must have a 'financial stake' in the board approval of this 'process' and with their signature on a 'legal document' able to side step the legal requirement that necessitated my being present during whatever 'hearing' that took place. In a 'nutshell,' this "process" is basically designed to 'block and inhibit' anyone's sensitivity to ambient emfs. And that is the least of what these individuals are able to achive through this process. I wish I could say more, but I have already been warned of 'possible retaliation' for seeking help and advocacy on my behalf. But, I do know that I am not the only 'victim' of this "process", for I have witness the evolution of this 'therapy' from my 'induction' to the 'fine-tuning' and streamlining of their utilization. In response to your 'inquiry' regarding an attorney, these individuals easily exploit the 'legal communities' bais toward the 'disabled' and our lack of 'sufficent funds' to cover the filing fees needed to hunt down the legal record that allows this "atrocity" to continue unabated.

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