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Re: Esophageal Motility Test and 24-Hour pH Test

Thank you Mountain Reader I will just keep telling myself "Mind over matter, mind over matter." I am used to gagging anyway. I have a chronic cough that often has me gagging to the point of vomitting, so bit of gagging will be nothing new. However, I am a little concerned about my gagging cough while I have the tube in. Every morning I wake up coughing and gagging for about 10 to 15 minutes. Do you think this will cause a problem with the ph tube when I wake up in the morning? I would hate to accidentially dislodge the tube, etc.

Also, I have a medium hiatal hernia. Do you think this will complicate insertion of the tubes?

Neptunian -- I don't think they give any type of sedative as it could slow down the muscle contractions, etc. that they are trying to measure. Mountain Reader would know better than me, though.