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Re: Esophageal Motility Test and 24-Hour pH Test

Neptunian: No sedatives. They will spray numbing spray in your throat and nostril. You really don't need more than that. Once the probe is inserted and the computer turned on, you just walk out and go your merry way. They want you to do and eat everything you normally would...they said I could even skydive if I normally would...not many people have that as a normal part of their day though.

seven: My reflux symptom is a horrible chronic cough and sometimes breathing problems. It is really really severe. I have the acid reflux constantly, but my symptom severity flares more at some times than others. When it is at its worse, I'll cough almost non-stop for 4 months at a time. I have trouble breathing, gag and get heaves sometimes (can't vomit most of the time because of my Nissen Fundoplication). While I cough all the time, mornings are my worst. It isn't just 15 minutes for me. Sometimes it is an hour or two before I feel up to heading out to work. This is despite being on double strength PPI's, sleeping on an incline and wataching my diet. I coughed tons while having the test. They will have you log any "symptoms" you have for the 24 hours. Every time you cough, belch, feel heartburn, etc... They will also have you log when you eat and when you are lying down. There will also be buttons on the computer to push when you have symptoms, eat and lie down. When they run your report, they will compare the times of your symptoms to your pH readings.

For the traditional 24 hr pH, the tube goes down your nose, throat and esophagus all the way down until just above your LES. (for a dual probe one will be placed above your UES). It isn't going to go anywhere. They will tape the tube to your cheek to keep it from accidently being pulled up. Then they wrap it around the back of your ear. The first times you swallow solids, you will feel a bit of a "tug". You will get used to it though. Don't it let affect what you are eating. Make sure you eat "normally" so the results show true. Coughing won't make any difference in the tube. You will just need to hit the computer button when you start and stop coughing.

The gagging could be tough if you let it. Focus instead of when you swallow a large pill. Just swallow your water (or whatever they give you) over and over. If you keep swallowing, you are having your natural movements help get the probes down.

The hernia shouldn't make a difference. The probe will probably be completely above it. I had one as well during my first 2 probes with no problem. (My 3rd probe was after my surgery.)
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