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Re: Ending an abusive marriage

Thank you for your lengthy reply. I appreciate all the effort you made to answer. I am sorry that you went through a similar situation. It is very stressful and I hope things have resolved and you are in a good place now.

I fully understand what you are saying, but my point was that in trying to find out about our home life to make sure that they are awarding custody to a satisfactory parent, the mediator made an already stressed person even more stressed.

I also understand that part of her job is to protect the children, but it shouldn't be at the cost of the parent. Both the potential custodial parent and the children should be treated with care, especially if they are still dealing with the effects of the abuse.

Just like with Big Government, I think that the "system" can sometimes cause more grief than help. I didn't get the impression from this woman that she was wanting to help the children and me get some counseling help, but that she wanted to stir up trouble where there wasn't any.

Part of the problem was that she may have been told lies by the boy's father and since there was so much of a difference from my description, she didn't know who to believe. I'm sure that would make things confusing for her. I just hope that the testing that my children and I may have to go through are not stressful and make a bad situation worse.

I wish you the best.
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