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Re: Trigeminal neuralgia

Originally Posted by brookline View Post
I still have some numbness, and still tire easilly if very active, but have no other side-effect and no TN pain. I am back on a more or less normal sleep-wake schedule, am able to eat normally, and am basically enjoying life again. I have been told that the numbness may never go away entirely, but being numb is not as bad as putting up with the trigeminal pains.

One of my chief complaints to myself has always been the numbness, especially that of my upper lip. My TN kicked back in at the end of last year and I found myself in the hospital as a result of a variety of issues.

It was a holiday weekend and the normal Neurologist that I had seen were no where around. The Resident Dr that came to see me, came in at some point and asked me if I had ever tried any homeopathic medicines that were available to me from most health food stores. I said no. He asked me if I were opposed to trying any, and I said, I will try anything.

Several hours passed and he returned to the room, with a short list and mini-instructions. When I was eventually released, I went to pick up meds and dropped into a health food store and was shown the area where these are kept.

The vials each had 80 pills in them and all were well under 10 each. The person showing me them, told me that I had to turn the vial upside down and twist the cap for the b-b size pill to come out and the instructions told me to put the pill beneath my tongue and allow them one at a time to dissolve.

I did not believe they would work, as the entire concept was to easy and not costly at all.

the company I was told to look for was Boiron - they are blue vials and the list is:

magnesia phosphorica 30c
hypericum perforatum 30c

they sounded like words I would use if I were in a Harry Potter movie holding a wand.

The instructions stated to wait thirty minutes between taking the two pills (one from each vial) and then to wait about two hours and repeat the process. The instructions then went on to say that if these worked, to stop using them and only to use them if I were to have a problem again.

There may be 60 pills in both the vials now.

No more numbness, no more having problems with wind in the face, no more hair issues...

it was all too easy.