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Re: Ending an abusive marriage

Hi Sunsetnan,

Sorry to hear that your lastest court appearance was so bad. Did you attorney do anything while this mediator making orders which I believe are beyond the scope of her powers? Last time I checked only a Judge can issue a Court Order--Mediators can only listen to both sides and suggest a recommendation. Your attorney should be requested a prompt hearing with the judge to review the mediators actions. I also question what type of experience this mediator has when she is questioning you as to why you waiting so long to take action....does this mediator have any experience when it comes to spousal abuse, I also again inquire What was your Attorney doing while this mediator was questioning your mothering skills???

I thought Massachusetts was bad for Probate Matters, but California certainly sounds worse.
Hang in there and start asking your attorney some hard questions as to Why you seem to be getting the short end of the stick and your STBX who has a restraining order that has been violated on several occasions is able to obtain whatever he wishes from the the Court System? If this attorney is unable to give you some good answers, than I hate to say but you may have to start looking for a more experienced probate attorney.

Life here on the east coast has not been so happy either--between all the snow and now my STBX practically killing the cat. ( I know it is just a cat, however, this cat has been around for 15 years and he is really a great cat) Well I will try to give you the short version---the cat stopped eating, drinking, peeing and popping. (when I do not know), well I went and took the cat because STBX claims to have no money (remember he gets $2600.00 a month and using only $1,000 for his monthly expenses) to find out what was wrong with the cat, he just wanted to put the cat to sleep. (do not know anyplace that puts cats to sleep without some form of payment). Brought the cat to vets, told her what was wrong with the cat, she drew blood and we discussed putting the cat to sleep is the bloods showed major problem. All the blood work came back negative for anything physically wrong with the cat. So the diagnoses was STRESS. I can only imagine what this man did to the Cat he supposely loved. $600.00 later, the cat is now living with me and eating and drinking but very quiet and still very scared. STBX claims he has no idea why the cat was Stressed.

Keep writing and venting--I am told that in the end, everything does work out.
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