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Red face penis foreskin problem

i am a teen boy an cannot pull back the foreskin of my penis over the glans. i am not sure if this is phimosis or frenulum breve. i cannot pull back the foreskin when flaccid, and when erect, the foreskin covers almost all of the glans. the foreskin can definitely not be pulled back all the way the opening (?) is definitely too small. i also see the frenulum is holding the foreskin and it does seem to be too short.
when i am masturbating, rather than running my hand up and down my shaft, i run it over the shaft and the head with a closed fist (on every downstroke, my thumb "slams down" on the foreskin-covered meatus).
because of my age, id rather not go see a doctor yet or mention this to my family. my questions are:
-is this phimosis or frenulum breve or both??
-is this normal for my age or is it not supposed to be happening.
-what can i do to "treat" this?

ps: i am uncircumcised (obviously) and do not want to be circumcised or have the other operation in which they create a little incision on the foreskin. i can ejaculate without any problems that i can tell.
please help,

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