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Re: Bad shoulder pain

Hey P,
I can relate to some of this. My shoulders, especially my right one, always ache. I put a huge amount of stress on my right shoulder climbing my 13 stairs every night. I swing my left foot onto the next step then lay my right forearm on the handrail and push with all my might. It hurts my shoulder but it's the only way. I used to alternate feet but I can't do right foot first anymore. My left arm is too weak. My right shoulder aches all the time now. I just take a couple Motrin but only on bad days.

When showering, I must hang on with one hand at all times. So I must soap up, wash my hair and then towel dry with one hand. It TAKES FOREVER!!!!! - I almost don't want to shower in the morning because it's a 40 minute ordeal. It used to be 10 minutes a few years ago. But I force myself not to be tempted into giving up showers.

I too love cooking but that is getting hard. Standing for more than 15 minutes or so does me in.

It sucks doesn't it, that the MD is bad enough but we must deal with this other nonsense as well.

Well.....hang in there and take care.