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Re: Endoscopy looming! Scared to death about it.

Thank you all for replying, I'm sorry I didnt make it very clear about why I'm having this done. Its an endoscopy to check out my vocal cords and the surrounding area before I have surgery on my thyroid, nothing to do with my stomach etc etc.
I have been told that I can have a local anasthetic sprayed into my nose before the the camera is inserted and it should take no longer than 15 minutes start to finish. Apparantly people who have had this done more than once often prefer not to have the anasthetic spray as it numbs part of the throat resulting in a choking sensation, just wondered what your opinions are on this? I think I'm definitely going to opt for it though.
Can you explain what you mean by twilight sedative? Ive not been told about any sedation, I thought you had to be wide awake and alert so you can swallow etc when the doctor tells you. xxxx