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Re: Bad shoulder pain

Me again

I've experienced everything you are mentioning.

What I do. I get helped onto a high chair when I do the cooking as this helps my back from hurting too much. It is a bit of a hassle sometimes but hey it helps

I sit down on my recliner with my legs up and put the ironing board on my legs in front of the TV and iron my clothes (very comfortable I have to say)

I sit on my bed and lean on pillows on my bed to blow dry my hair - it takes a bit of time but you do get there

I have a side table next to my bed where a place a big enough mirror and lean against my pillows on the bed and do my makeup. I still come out there looking well sometimes "hot"

You will learn do start doing all these things as I mentioned before.

I also use painkillers now and then but it makes me miserable so I stopped taking it. I'm just doing things an "easier" way to eliminate pain and use my recliner that believe me makes a hell of a difference.

So far I'm okay but when something new happens I try and use a different method and believe me you will get there.

Patience is the virtue (cliché!!)