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Re: Bad shoulder pain

Originally Posted by NP74 View Post
Hey guys,

I just have to vent a little as usual. I mentioned a while ago that my shoulders often get sore etc and I wondered how you guys deal with muscle pain caused by imbalances etc. Well, I think my biceps are just about done, they feel incredibly weak, and my shoulder pops out of the joint at times due to the tendons no longer being able to hold it in when I lift heavy (heavy???) stuff. Last week I nearly dropped a plate because my shoulder gave out.

I have never before had to stop what I was doing because of pain and weakness. I have felt sore and had to take a pain killer every now and then (apart from the shoulder pain), but the past two weekends, I have had to stop working because of pain and weakness. Until now I have been able to work all day cooking and cleaning etc, but today all I could do was do the dishes and make the chili for tonight's superbowl party. I love to cook, it is my way of de-stressing when I feel bad. I can spend days alone just cooking and pawning the food on to other people as I have no desire to eat it myself other than just tasting it. When done with the chili, the pain in my trapezius, and scapular muscles was so bad that I had to take two kinds of pain killers and put heat on my shoulders. Last week one painkiller was enough.

Another thing that upset me, however, was that when I dried my hair, I was unable to keep my hand up long enough to dry the top left side. It has never happened before, I also had to lean up against a wall to be able to hold my hands steady enough to put on eye makeup.

I know these are vanity issues, but it hurts none the less. At least my husband has agreed to learn how to do my hair and make up..... I worry about when I will not be able to drive any more, my physical therapist said I am still OK.

Hello dear member, you should check it out properly maybe it's inner problem and your shoulder pain's is from the inside of the bone. Or may be there is some type of the problem that involves the skin infection or skin tissues damage inside the shoulder.... Just check it deeply and throughly..........