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Re: Bipolar, Divorce. Friendly to Anger???

It has been awhile since I posted, So--I'll do my best to recapture the events.
*July 2010 reports came in she had messed around with one of our 16 (17 yr. old now) daughter male friends (a high schooler). Several reports come in she is drinking heavly and becoming more manic in her behaviors.
*August 2010 she moved into a trailer court and a boyfriend of hers moved in with her.
*December she totaled her automobile and was charged with wreckless driving. She is becoming depressed and agressive in behavior towards me.
*January 2011 her behaviors have become agressive in intent hidden by a very active and professional cover-up (decietful of true intent).

She is trying to convience our youngest daughter (6 yrs old) that her living with another man is acceptable and has took her to a therapist because of our daughters agressive behavior towards him.

We are in the final months of a divorce (I hope by end of March 2011) and there is no turning back. I do still have some attachment to her because of our children (you can't turn your back on someone 100% after being married to them for so long), but, I'm scared to ever trust her again. Her permiscuity and abuse of acohol and who knows if there are drugs involved? has pushed me away from her, the hateful things said and done to our family will take many years for us to heal.
I've talked with her TDOC many times over the past 8 months about her behavior and her TDOC believes she will continue to go down hill and eventually I will end up with full custody of our youngest daughter.
I see the way my STBX interacts with our daughter via the things my daughter tells me and what I see my daughter needing in attention that her mother doesn't give. I believe my STBX is more interested in her live-in boyfriend than she is our daughter.
I know my daughter is in pain because of her mothers behavior, she tells me things that bring tears to my eyes and pain to my soul. For my STBX to treat our child like this is just heart wrenching (as for now our daughter lives with me a week and her mother a week). I do wish my STBX would get help and get some stability for her own health and safety and espically for our daughters emotional and developmental health, but I don't think she will ever accept the responsibility that it takes to do the correct thing.

All this has been very hard on our eldest and youngest daughters, I believe our middle daughter is Bipolar also. For us to be such as solid Chritian family who was homeschooling, founders of a church, and living such a wonderful loving, close-nit christian family life. It can only be immagined what devistation it has brought upon us. All of the events of the past 2 years has been such a shock to everyone who has known our family and the closeness and love we once had.

Thanks for the interest and concern of my post.