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Re: I believe I have OCD but im terrified to get tested for it (help me please)

Thank you for answering!

Im trying to only check things once, it's working with some things. I'll just keep on trying.

My germ-phobia is getting worse though I was never this bad, it has just gotten worse this past year. Somtimes I cant remember washing my hands after i have tied the trash and taken it out at work, and it worries me because it may have feces germs on it. Then I get terrfied because of all the things I touched. Could the germs kill people? and it terrifies me beyond belief. I have no idea why or how it got this bad. I try very hard, but i have no idea why i cant remember washing my hands, I know myself, and I know how much it would bug me. I probally did, but all i can think of is "am i harming someone?"

Its really hard, but I am trying, and i give myself 24 hrs sometimes, and if everyone is okay, then I know that it will all be okay. I hate it very much!