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Re: Having a breakdown ): please help!!!

Hey Ash,
I'm so sorry for your pain, I know that pain and I hate it as well. It really is the worst and I've never had pain like breaking up after a long-term relationship. Was he your first love? I ask because you sound pretty young. That's always the worst, "the first cut is the deepest," but you never have to go through it quite like this again.

You had a setback, but that doesn't mean all your progress you've made so far is lost. It was a shock and you'll probably be upset for a little while but it'll pass sooner than you think. It's fresh and it was a shock. You just need to pick yourself up now and keep up with the no contact. That keeps things like this from happening and prevents re-opening the wound. Vent here all you like and we're here to listen. Take care,