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Re: Boyfriend of a woman with an eating disorder

Hey everyone,
Thanks for the advice so far. It is good to see other people's views.
Last night, my girlfriend and I were talking and she again started talking about her weight etc and not wanting to put on more.
She asked me why was I getting annoyed and I said because it seems like this cycle has lasted so long and that every night we are talking (or arguing) about food, weight etc and it is getting to me because no matter how much I say, you won't think my way.
I upset her saying this and she has now decided that she can no longer talk about food to me (or is considering whether she can talk to me about it).
And this in its own way is nearly worse than her not talking to me at all! Because of the distance it would be difficult for me to know how she is and I think it will put more strain on the relationship. I conveyed this to her but she isn't budging.
Can anyone shed some light on what I should do? And what your opinions are on this new development?