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Re: Saw a Pain Management dr for the first time...

I've been in pain every day since 2005. My last dr. (not a pain dr)said he couldn't write for anything stronger than percocet. So I dealt with the pain. Then my dr moved 3 hours away, so I looked for a pain mgt. dr close to where I lived. I was hoping he would be able to write for a long acting med. But he gave me more percocets, and scheduled me for another esi. If the esi does not work I am going to mention the longer acting meds. Percocets do not last long, and I wake up after about 2 hours in pain. I haven't had a full night's sleep in years. How do I tell him I want stronger meds without looking like a "seeker"? My most recent mri shows a large midline herniation and comparing it to the mri from 2005 showed only a left side herniation, so it is definately worse!