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Re: HELP! My 8 month old refuses food!

I would back off. Until babies are a year old, food is just for fun/practice. There is no reason she needs to be eating food at this point. She is obviously telling you she is not ready.

I agree with pupcake about giving her regular, soft food. Some babies don't take well to be being spoon fed (which makes sense as you probably wouldn't want someone else shoving food in your mouth and not really being able to regulate it). My sister never did purees with my nephew but went straight to soft foods that the baby could pick up and feed herself. If you look up baby led solids, you will find a lot of information. She might take to that better or at least have the opportunity to explore and feel the foods and textures which is what it is about at her age.

Other than that, I would just relax. She is still so young, I wouldn't be worried at this point as long as she is drinking her formula well.