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Re: Two Lumps...One Found Years Ago....

Its good that you will or (may have already) visited your doctor. Testicular cancer is common in your age group, but, it is also one of the most curable cancers, and has high success in complete recovery if caught soon! Sometimes you have to be aggressive with you care provider. Im certain you can trust most care providers, however, you know your body and symptoms far better than they. If you took medicine and it came right back, I would be persistent in getting further testing. Blood tests specifically for tumor markers are how doctors test for cancers (or one way of it). For testicular cancer I believe is an AFP, which is not something that would be conducted during a typical routine blood test.

You could request a Testicular ultrasound. They are inexpensive when compared to ct scans and mri's, non invasive, meaning they do not cut into the body, its simple and usually doesn’t take long. Typically if you get the main radiologist in he can tell you immediately if there are any abnormalities.

Good luck.