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Re: Saw a Pain Management dr for the first time...

Originally Posted by elizabeth28 View Post
I've been in pain every day since 2005. So I dealt with the pain. Percocets do not last long, and I wake up after about 2 hours in pain. I haven't had a full night's sleep in years. How do I tell him I want stronger meds without looking like a "seeker"? My most recent mri shows a large midline herniation and comparing it to the mri from 2005 showed only a left side herniation, so it is definately worse!
Hello Elizabeth28. You sound like me. Did you tell your doctor you cannot sleep at night. 2 hours, that is what you can get when you suffer from chronic pain. Not every Chronic Pain Patient cannot sleep cause of pain, but most cannot. Just so you know. My PCP decides what med I can use. He rx me Oxycontin or the Fentanyl Patch. But nobody knows When you take Fentanyl Patch will help you sleep.

Sleep will never be RESOLVED if you won't get pain meds. I have been suffering from chronic pain for 5 years already, just like you. There is another long acting med called Tramadol Extended Release. It works 24/7. It really took MOST of the pain I have. Problem was it did NOT let me sleep. But everyone is DIFFERENT. I think you SHOULD try this med cause it works 24/7 and your doctor will be HAPPY to rx you that cause it is not considered narocotic. It is half narocotic basically. But doctors will rx you that. I would try that first. Try that one for couple of days, if you see it bothers your sleep(2 hours, I know, it is not considered sleep)stop it.

I believe MS CONTIN will help you sleep. My doctor refused that. I would ask for MS CONTIN if I was you. Tell your doc you cannot sleep at night. repeat that. I have only tried Tramadol Extended release, Oxycontin so far.
Tell him also you do not want sleeping meds. It is better not to get used to sleeping meds. It is the pain, that is why you cannot sleep. My doctor stopped believing me it is the pain why I cannot sleep. huh. and want me to go to the shrink cause they understand more about sleep???????well, never.
I know PAIN is the reason I cannot sleep. I have never had any sleeping problems before this Chronic Pain.

I am worried about you not being able to sleep. 2 hours. I feel for you.
I start lecturing my doctor how sleep is important for your health and he looked at me like I am crazy, and/or where did I get that info from?. He told me I am spending too much time getting info from the internet!.

If you will not be able to sleep for 7-8-9-hours for many years it can lead to a lot of health problems - high blood pressure, diabetes and more. also if you are able to sleep 7-8-9 hours(remember those days???)you will not feel so much pain.

You need to find a doctor who will believe you cannot sleep cause of PAIN.
Some doctors knows that.
Gosh, I feel for you, please keep in touch here and tell me when you are able to sleep 7-8-9 hours.

My doctor told me I will NEVER be able to sleep 7-8-9 hours. That is so vicious. He said my body got used to 2-3-4 hours of sleep.

Well, if you want to be healthy again, you must sleep 7-8-9 hours.

It all depends who is your doctor. You will have to find another one.

By the way, how were you injured? car accident?, if I may ask. just wondering.