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Re: 5 weeks of cold, now anti-biotics?

Originally Posted by yalie22 View Post
So its now been 5 weeks of being down with a cold and sinus headaches. I never went to the doctor hoping it would vanish the next weekend, and never had any fever or so. But its been consistent: mild headache, fatigue, nose blocked or leaking. I've been sleeping 11 hours, and I cannot live like this anymore.
In general, if the illness doesn't go away (or at least dramatically improve) in 10-14 days, it's bacterial. Viruses like the cold/flu will typically "play out" within 2 weeks with rest/fluids.

Now tomorrow I'm going to one, and I know he's going to prescribe me some antibiotics. Should I take them? I really want to do something radical and get this over with. Please suggest.
You should probably take it. During my last go-round with a sinus infection, I was given a z-pack. Cleared up a 6 week long illness in 4 days.

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