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Re: Successful Ablation for AVNRT

Hello everyone!
I'm a newbie here. I just had an ablation for SVT of the AVNRT type, and I must tell you my story. I had suffered "panic attacks" since the age of twenty. ( I am 50 now) Well, it turns out that it was not panic at all, but rather SVT. I had caught it on a strip during one of my many ER visits back in 1995. Years of thinking I had Panic Disorder. I was told by the doctors it was "benign". Well, I don't know about you, but a heart rate of 210 did not seem benign to me at all. It was terrifying!
My SVT was very sporadic. It could come on during times of extreme emotional duress or hard physical exertion. It would also come on with no apparent reason. Well, on January 27th of this year, I took the leap and had the ablation. I had put it off for a long time, but finally gave in and scheduled an appointment with a very skilled Electrophysiologist.
I live in Tulsa, Ok. and we have one of the BEST EP doctors around. When I say one of the best, I'm talking Johns Hopkins and Mayo Clinic trained. I had been very nervous and worried about the procedure. All of the "what ifs" were locked in my mind! Nonetheless, I was sick of allowing SVT to control my life. Simple things that people relate to as relaxing, such as a vacation or road trip, was a huge a worry to me. What if I have an episode? Where is the nearest hospital? blah, blah, blah.... My life had become controlled by the SVT or worry of it. I was sick of it!
On the day of my procedure, I came in to the hospital at 6 am. At 7:30 I was in the EP lab, and by 10:30 I was cured. Dr. Mark had successfully ablated my slow pathway! The procedure was almost completely painless. The veins in your groin area are numbed before the flexible catheters are inserted. The EP Dr. will pace your heart to trigger SVT by creating PACs in increasing succession. Once in SVT the Dr. can see EXACTLY where the pathway is, via flouroscopy (a type of X-RAY that allows motion) 3-D imaging is produced by the use of CARTO equipment. All state of the art.
If you are thinking of having an ablation, DO IT! ASAP. You will be so very glad that you did. No more SVTs for me. No more nagging worries. No more beta-blockers and their side effects! Also, as an added bonus, almost ZERO PVCs!!!! In fact, they are getting less and less.
I literally thank God for Dr Mark Milton. This was the best decision that I have ever made in my life! Find an experienced EP cardiologist and get yourself cured. You will be very glad you did.
On another note, do not make the mistake of dwelling on the negative posts in other forums about "bad" experiences. I have found that the vast majority of people that have successful ablations, quit posting on forums. After all, they are cured! No need to continue to post about worries. I made myself a promise to post about the positive experience that I had.
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