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Re: For those of you that are worried about your surgery results.....

Originally Posted by shady lady View Post
i was feeling pretty crappy this a.m. about my results post op day 2. i know, its early. when i read your story it really made me feel a lot better & a lot more hopeful that mine will heal properly as well. i ge tfrustrated & worried & sound just like everyhting you wrote, but i guess this is how god is teaching me patience. what a wake up call for me. thank you for your post, it was very reassuring for me.
It's February and several months since my July lasik. I still have halos driving at night. The lasting difficulty I have is now for sure dry eyes even with constant hydrating drops. i feel like my vision is a bit blurry but I know now it is from dryness.
You will be happier and less worried as time goes on. Be careful not to rub your eyes and for sure keep the drops to moisturize them * very important.
Be patient and let the eyes heal and adapt to the process and the time it takes. I sometimes think we are so busy in our normal lives it is nervewracking to wait - we compare ourselves and our patience but in the end it will work out if you do what you need to. It is early days for you.

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