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Re: Need Advice and Reassurance (Prostatitis?)

Hey guys, I feel your pain. I've had off and on chronic prostatitis for about 2 years now and have tried just about everything; from months of antibiotics to saw palmetto, oil of oregano, colloidal silver, olive leaf extract, quecertin and god knows what else. The only thing that has helped me during that time has been the antibiotics but they are not a cure. They rid the infection for a time but usually returns, sometimes within days or weeks or even months if I'm lucky. My last infection started 3 months ago and I got back on antibiotics then developed a rash after about 6 weeks. My doctor told me to stop using them. Turns out I developed a yeast infection from the long term usage.

As soon as I stopped them the pain came back within a day or two. Pretty depressing. During the same time I was taking the antibiotics I was also taking multivitamins and vitamin c along with saw palmetto and quecertin but the pain kept coming after stopping the antibiotic.

At the time all of this was occurring I was reading a book on vitamin c by Linus Pauling where he suggested taking mega doses of vitamin c to cure infection. I thought it was a long shot. I was already taking about 3 to 4 thousand milligrams per day for about 6 weeks but he was suggesting 10 to 18 or even more grams per day. He stated that it was perfectly safe to do so and that one could even take 100 grams per day and not have any adverse affects other than gas and diarrhea, so I began to increase my dosage. At first I started taking about 8 grams then 10 then 14 then worked up to 18 grams a day. All of this being within a week time frame. Guess what happened? My symptoms began to subside. My prostatitis is now 98% gone. It's been one month and I feel good. Although I must say whenever I drink a lot of coffee like a Starbucks venti, I feel some discomfort. So I have discontinued coffee. I really think mega doses of vitamin C can help you guys. I must also tell you that I am taking a multivitamin along with quecertin, olive leaf extract and a saw palmetto supplement as well. So maybe this is helping too but I really noticed a difference while taking mega doses of C.

So there it is. I suggest reading Linus Pauling's book How to Live Longer and Feel Better. And start taking mega doses of vitamin C. And by the way, get the ascorbic acid powder form of Vit C and take it in a fruit juice (helps to disguise the bitterness). I find that the powder form is a much easier and effective way then the pill format. You can take 5 grams at a time spaced out during the day and make sure you take it periodically.

Best of luck