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I don't feel good :(

Well, I really don't feel good. I started feeling sick to my stomach yesterdy. I took a dose of milk of magnesia. The day before. The next morning I woke up feelin pretty dang cruddy!My stomach will not stop gurgling & its doing it like crazy. The milk of magnesia produced diarrhea. I have an aching pain in my left side. And I feel really tight in the area of my incision in the middle. My stomach feels sour, but I feel like I'm starving I am out of pain medication. Im guessing they only give you a few days worth, but instead of taking 2 i went to 1. I didn't need both, but I still feel like I need the one. I take advil and it won't knock that achey pain out of my left side. Im guessing Im going to have to call the DR. today, but was hoping I would wake up feeling better today. BLAH. I don't understand, if this is just a part of it and I will have to work thru it?Or if I'm having troubles?

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