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Re: newbie with LSIL- lots of questions!

I'm going through something similar and I was told that with HPV you could have gotten it anywhere from 10 years ago to 4 wks. ago and it just depends on how long it takes and if your body fights it off or not. I've heard 80% of women have or have had hpv in their lives and never know! Crazy but they say do not accuse who you'r currently with because there is really no way to find out who or when you contracted it. Even though your current partner may have hpv also you never know who gave it to who. I know the first thing we want to do is point blame, it's not worth it. Hopefully we can just catch this before it goes any further. Good luck with everything.I've had the colposcopy and awaiting my LEEP on Monday,presidents day, good luck and just do what the dr. says, I am and hopefully it all turns out well!

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