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Re: I don't feel good :(

Hello!Oh boy, I feel so much better than yesterday morning & the day before!! I seriously believe that milk of magnesia did something awful to my stomach!I was afraid to take anything else for my stomach & suffered. I finally broke down and took Pepto & it worked within the hour!

After my stomach calmed down, I had this weird spasm in my right side around the surgery area. Felt like my insides were just rolling around inside. Felt so icky and weird. But, this morning, that is gone. Ive doubled my speed HAHA. I can finally walk without being all hunched over.

My diet is pretty fair. I kinda messed up a few times, but for the first 5 days I lived off of soup & crackers for lunch & dinner. And oatmeal for breakfast. So weird that certain things don't even sound good that I normally like to eat.

How long does the swelling usually last?I feel so tight in my upper abdomen right below my chest. I no it will take time. Everyone keeps saying how this surgery is not a big deal. I realize its one of the less complicated, but when you are recovering from it, it seems a big deal HAHA. I feel like I should be able to be back to myself. But, I load this dishwasher and do a load of laundry & I'm wore out
I no it takes time to heal. And before I no it, I will be back to myself.