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Re: Long Term Pain Management??

There are many ways to go as far as long term pain management. Probably best to start with Tylenol, Advil, and natural remedies.

Nucynta is related to Tramadol and some find good relief. The SNRI Cymbalta has some pain relieving claims.

As for Narcotics, look for a drug that is in a slow release or extended release form. This will be your best hedge against the ups and downs of short acting drugs, addiction, cravings, and euphoria seeking. Long acting meds tend to be slow onset, steady pain relief, low euphoria, and low drama.

There are a few character traits of the major opiate offerings such as Morphine which has many uses, it's a pure Opiate, slightly sedating (MS-Contin). Oxycodone some find energizing and a bit euphoric which can make it more abuse prone (OxyContin). Hydrocodone is energizing for some, sedating for others but not available in a long acting form (Vicodin, Norco). Hydromorphone and Oxymorphone are quite a bit stronger than the others. Hydromorphone is a preferred BT med for many people (Dilaudid), the long acting version is called Exalgo. Oxymorphone is long acting even in the immediate release forms, it has low euphoria, and some don't like that it is a low drama Narcotic (Opana ER).

Many options, start low strength and low dose..... Follow the script.

Good luck~ ~

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