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Re: I don't feel good :(

ljs, that's good to no for me. I really had a rough night. I felt more achey than I have been feeling at night. It really ticks me off that I don't have anything stronger than advil or tylenol to take. I'm thinking I'm gonna have to try taking two of the tramadol that my reg dr gave me for my hip and back pain. I haven't been having to take that. I feel really heavy in the middle. And the right side is so achey. I liked that pain med the Dr. gave me HAHA. I could take just 1 and it would knock all that out. I'm afraid to ask for more I think I might of over done it yesterday and didn't even do a whole lot?

I'm not sure if all my hurting was caused from the gallbladder or not. Or if its just a coincdence?But, my hips and my back hasn't been hurting, my legs haven't been getting stiff from sitting. I haven't been getting the fever?Other than achiness I don't think I feel that thing in my rib like I used to?

Off to fight with my daughter to get her outta bed She doesn't like waking up in the mornings!