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Re: Son does not respect father. He's only 3!

With due respect to John, I have to disagree completely.

Children need both mom and dad to be involved in every fact of their lives. They certainly need to learn to respect their father, but as you know it will take your husband to make him respect his dad.

So many of us do not have a dad at all, so by all means allow this child to have his dad in every way. Not to mention that his dad is his main role model in teaching him what a good man does. When there are two parents, consistency is very important so dad has to come to the party and get involved.

My suggestion would be to make up a chart that everyone can see that lists the rewards and consequences of your child's behavior.Then have both of them learn it, and stick to it like glue. This would give both dad and child the rules of the house, and the enforcement would be done by whoever is there, and be the same.

Make special time for your son and his dad to be together without you. This would also allow you some "me" time, which you both need and deserve every week. Your son and husband will both get so much out of this.

It is better to get this going sooner rather than later, because your husband will only get farther away from your son, and vice versa.

Encourage him, because it will be natural for you son to react with some defiance at first. But once your son learns that daddy and mommy are the boss, the better.

Make sure there is a lot of rewards on the chart for good behavior, and that dad is the one who dishes out the rewards at a certain time each day. The rewards can be very simple, like a gold star to later be traded in for something he wants, after so many stars have been accumulated. Kids love putting stickers on, so let him put his gold stars on for his good behavior. Make "being kind to daddy" one of them. Soon daddy will be the guy to deal with for something important for your son.

I hope some of these ideas help a bit. Good luck to you!

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