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Treating sores on scalp

I have been a nurse for over 10 years, I had been plagued with the sores on my scalp that affected my confidence and always embarrassed me when it came time for a hair cut. I have been plagued with this problem as long as I can remember. So after researching the internet and a little medical experience, I self diagnosed and self treated to cure this problem. Yesterday, I got a hair cut without any concerns for embarrassment. I hope that some of you that are dealing with this can use my plan to help yourselves.

What could it be? Folliculitis- "meaning your pores are infected"
What do it need to cure this problem?-
1. Nail clippers (wal-mart)
2. Selsun Blue (moisturizing) shampoo (at wal-mart)
3. Pure Aloe Vera Gel- (at a health food store) no additives, especially menthol

How to apply and why?

1. The nail clippers are for those that can not stop picking or scratching at them. We all do it, even unconsciously! (this is a point to be honest with yourself)
2. Selsun Blue has zinc in it which will help with the Ph of the scalp, bacterial growth, and the inflammation process that results in the initial painful bump or pimple. The key here is to rub the scalp with the shampoo while in the shower, let it set and soak while you bath your other parts. (Do not let the shampoo get on ANY silver!!) This process may burn at first while you have open sores. DO NOT USE any thing else, especially conditioner!!! Now rinse your hair and the hard part, finish your hair washing with cool to cold water. (This will close your pores.)
3. Aloe Vera Gel- Before using a blow dryer, apply a moderate amount of the gel to your sores, this is the healing component and pain reliever. (Similar to when you burn yourself) Now dry you hair normally. Now the next hard part begins, do not use any other hair products, they all have alcohol in them, (dries your scalp and is irritating) the Aloe Vera Gel is all natural, and is a gel. Use it as a substitute, it will take a couple of times to master the quantity to match your normal hair products.

Summary, I am not a doctor, never performed research other than on myself, this is the only thing that has worked for me, and the one time I used another shampoo and broke my cycle, guess what came back? I hope this posting helps someone else that is desperate as I was.

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