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Re: So tired of Rosacea and miss my nice skin

Welcome to the world of Rosacea, so much fun! I have been battling Rosacea for 30 years. It is worse now than ever before. At age 76 I should not have to deal with this.

Just think, those with Rosacea will have rosy cheeks in old age and never look pale and washed out!!

I have found that Jojoba Oil (100% pure, health stores) works great as a moisturizer under the Rosacea medication. Have read that Jojoba Oil is not actually an oil but a wax similar to the natural wax the face produces. I am pleased with the results, does not clog pores. Takes only 1 drop on wet hands spread all over face to provide moisture and is not sticky. Let air dry before applying medication. My dermatologist suggested I use a moisturizer under the medication.

Currently I am using Avar-e medication (prescription) and it is working better than several others. It is an antibiotic plus sulfer. The antibiotic part is known to help reduce inflammation. After 6 weeks the redness in my face is less and skin smoother, reduced pebbly bumps on forehead. My nose is attacked often with sore bumps, difficult to bring under control. The Avar-e has succeeded in clearing the nose. Never know how long a medication will work.

For a while Adult Acnomel, over the counter, worked good, helped clear up painful bumps.

I have discovered that "chocolate" is definitely a trigger for Rosacea big time flares. I love chocolate and had too much during Christmas and after.

Best thing to do is to "accept" the problem, smile and go on with life. That does not mean we have to like it.

There is no known cause or cure for Rosacea. I do believe mine is result of X-Ray treatments for acne in my teens, face felt like frying bacon. A dermatologist told me years ago I had radiation damage but not radiation disease.

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