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Hypothyroidism and Sleep

Hypothyroidism and Sleep, how does it affect you?

It's 3am here in the UK and yet again I can't sleep. I hate the tossing and turning of lying in bed unable to sleep yet exhausted.

I've had sleeping problems like this for years. I've tried many times to "reset my body clock", stay awake all day even when I feel like dropping down sleeping etc. I've cut down on coffee and Diet coke. I've had this problem for so long and it affects my quality of life badly. I've even come to be afraid of going to bed, it's just so horrible being so tired and not able to sleep for hours and hours and hours.

I don't know if this is hypothyroidism. When I recently started my medication I had two nights of good sleep which was miraculous. I also didn't have the anxiety dreams I normally get. Now I'm back to poor sleep.

Does hypothyroidism affect your sleep?

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