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Re: Bipolar, Divorce. Friendly to Anger???

i'm very sorry you're going through this and also very sorry your children are caught up in it out of no fault of your own.

I'm in a similar sitaution in that my wife suffers from chronic depression, she went to spend a month at xmas with her parents, she's originally from peru, she went away loving me and missing me and came back wanting a divorce, luckily we don't have children.

I've managed to get her on medication and getting treatment and she is a lot more lucid and logical, she's away by herself sorting her head out, with a psiquiatrist.

Ofcourse as you'll know these ilnesses affect their judgment, chrnoic depressives see everything as being against them, feel lonely, hold onto things fro years going round and roud their heads, small everyday things trigger the depressive mode. Your wife is worse because of the manic mode of bipolar, doing things so impulsive and without thought it causes real damage. If she is abusing alcohol also, hard as it may be for you seeing as you do feel tied to her, i know how i feel about my wife so understand, but maybe it be best to persue getting full custody now! maybe he shock of her losing her kids would help her sober up? sometimes a good kick up the backside wakens people up.

hope it all works out for you, forget about any feelings for her and concentrate on your kids! good luck and patience.