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Re: Hypothyroidism and Sleep

Thank you for your replies.

My TSH is 10.54 and my freeT4 is 11.

My doctor said my results were slightly high and treatment was optional. At my next appointment (my second so far) I asked for my actual results and got the results above. I thought since I was "slightly" over my TSH was going to be 3.5 or something, I was surprised it was 10.54 and treatment was optional, especially since I was completely exhausted all the time.

I'm on Levothyroxine. For the first 3 weeks I was on 50mg and I managed to get that up to 100mg on my next appointment. I've been on 100mg for the last 3 weeks.

I've looked at symptoms on the internet and I have a range of them, but I'm also aware that these same symptoms could be for other reasons. My doctor warned me that these pills weren't a "magic cure" for all my problems.

By problems I mean that I've suffered from depression off and on for over umm... 15 years. Even when I felt "better" I always felt there was an underlying depression that I could just never shake off. I really wonder now if this was hypothyroidism. I've also read that hypothyrodism can cause depression, and some doctors believe even mild hypothyrodism can cause major depression.

Having had depression for years, I've also had sleep problems for over 15 years. Not having proper sleep is incredibly draining. At bad times in the past (not sleeping at all) I've had sleeping pills but these of course can be addictive so not given out much. I've always been told to exercise more and eat healthily. Not great advice when you're so tired you can't move much. Even when I was having a better time of things and going to the gym four days a week I still had sleep problems.

Over the years I got the impression that bad sleep was my own fault because I am overweight and need to exercise more and eat more healthily. I needed to have stronger self will to set a strict sleeping time (I did try this many times) no matter how tired I was and if I didn't it was my fault.

I really hope the levothyroxine gives me better sleep but I know it takes quite a while to take effect so I just have to wait and see. But I don't feel I'm getting the full effect of these pills BECAUSE I'm not sleeping well. I don't know how to fix this.

Thank you for listening.

P.S. Since I've started levothyroxine I think my heart is beating more strongly, I don't think it's racing, just more strongly. I wonder if this helps me physically, pumping blood round my body more strongly, helping me do simple things like walking more easily. But it also makes it harder to sleep, especially when I wear earplugs. I hear my heart beating, beating.

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