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Isocyanate poisoning

Hi, I am a automobile painter. For the past few years I have gradually been feeling not well. I work in a shop that has very poor ventilation and no exhaust fans. In the last 6 months or so, I have been having strange symptoms pop up. First it was skin rashes on my face that the dermatologist couldn't identify. Shortly after that both knees suddenly became swollen and had to be drained. The orthopedist, after looking at x-rays said my knee structure looks fine and after many visits said he thought he saw a little bit of calcium in my knees that must be the problem. During all of this time I have experienced increasing heaviness in my chest, shortness of breath and a slight cough. I was sent to a heart doctor and had a stress test, echo cardiogram, EKG, and CAT scan. All of these tests were normal. Finally after receiving chest x-rays and a chest scan I was diagnosed with Emphysema and Asthma. The chemicals I work with contain Isocyanates, Benzene, toluene and many other harmful chemicals. Although I use Respirators, gloves and any other protective gear i can find with no ventilation these chemicals tend to hang around and can be absorbed through eyes and skin. I have been to many doctors and told them it was my opinion that "WORK" was making me sick. When I mention "WORK" they all shut down and don't want any thing to do with "WORK" related issues. Finally I found a Occupational lung doctor at Johns Hopkins medical center in Baltimore Md. He finally said it was his opinion my lung problem is work related. Now after searching nonstop for some one to help me with the poisoning of my entire body I cannot find a doctor and really don't know what kind of doctor to look for. I need help and any would be appreciated. Thank You, eighthnote

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