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Re: Adderall prescription & Bi-polar?

Appreciate the concern and response
The relationship I have with my doctor isn't very open. I've rarely told him when I actually thought something was wrong, except in the case where I actually told him why I think I needed Adderall. Adderall makes me focus and usually a lot more positive, while giving me the side effects that make me hyper and sometimes jittery, dry mouth, lack of sleep, etc. The side effects don't really bother me at all, until basically the high wears off and I come down from the increased period of energy.
Before that though, I always had problems sleeping anyways and have always had pretty abnormal sleep habits because of anxiety/racing thoughts type stuff. Never told my doctor any of this though, as I rarely ever go except to get cleared for sports and stuff.
I am aware of each type of BP disorder, as I've researched it almost all day.