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Re: Cold symptoms for 4 weeks

Originally Posted by JJ View Post
Whatever it is there are many...many folks complaining of it. I've had it on and off for over a month. I know it is sinus related as I wake up many mornings all stuffed and plugged up, other mornings fine. Sometimes a nasty cough.

I too have been doing the sinus rinse and it helps but due to a very nasty snowy and cold winter with the heat on 90% of the time, I chalk it up to that. Don't feel bad enough to be in bed just annoyed to death with it. I have no fever or bad signs of a sinus infection so just trying to deal with it and hope it goes on it's own.

Good luck to all fighting this fool virus....JJ.....
My son has it now and taking him in the doctor - cough sounds horrible but no fever, or any other signs - this is the weirdest cold cough i have ever seen! I had it for a month and my neighbor still has it.