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Re: Cold symptoms for 4 weeks

Originally Posted by JJ View Post
I hope your son is ok and like you said, whatever it is just doesn't seem to want to leave. I was fine all last week then woke up this morning again all plugged up and hubby said I was coughing in my sleep.

I'm still convinced it is from getting the flu shot with the H1N1 in it. Maybe I'm wrong, but it seems weird this is the first time I had anything mixed with the regular flu shot and this thing just won't leave. Last year when the H1N1 was seperate I refused it. Oh well, hopefully it goes soon...I'm drained!

Take good care, and let us know how your son makes out....JJ....
My neighbor had to have respirtory therapy because it brought on asthma. Mine felt like someone was squeezing my chest everyday and couldn't sleep because I coughed during the night. I used alot of Tiger Balm on my chest. All my kids got the H1N1 vaccine and were fine. My theory is either the weather is just so wacky and dry that it messed with our sinuses or everyone got vaccinated and we are just getting a mild version of the flu. Hot and then cold and no rain. I hung in there and finally after one month it left me but my neighbor couldn't take it and went to the doctors. My son I am kinda worried because last time he got broncitis. I am going to ask the doctor what this is because clariton didn't knock it out and it seemed to be allergy related because of the draining into the throat. I know when i have a cold and that didn't seem like that. The coughing can cause your rib cage to get sore.