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I dont understand the fear of throwing up!????

My daughter who is 10 has just begun fearing throwing up. She got sick 2 days before xmas and ever since then, she's missed school, cries a lot and says her throat is tight, her stomach hurts... she keeps saying she is nervous of becoming nervous of what if I get sick in school??

We are going to see a therapist soon. My husband and I try so hard to comfort her and tell her she is NOT going to throw up... stop this! Nothing is wrong, she is fine!... But she says she cannot help the fear and feeling of worrying about it. This is so trying to us. I figured people could comment here... why can't you help this silly fear? You ARE NOT going to throw up. What if I could guarantee it!.. would you still fear it? i don't get it. I asked her why doesn't she fear anything else...?

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