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TSH range source, and a few questions

So, I've been having a long series of health issues. It started with a recurring jitteriness, something like a really horrible caffeine high or sugar rush, accompanied by feeling like I'm way too hot. This is occasionally followed by a complete and sudden energy crash afterward (once in Sept, once end of Nov, again in early Dec, and then a few times in Jan and Feb. Nothing yet in March, but it's still early). I go from buzzing and unable to sit still to not having enough energy to keep standing while feeling like Iím going to throw up, pass out, or both in a matter of seconds.

In addition to the issue above, my hair is falling out and though I have not lost weight, I am losing body fat (my clothes no longer fit correctly, and my ribs are far more prominent than they were this summer, after having no significant change to my body in the past couple years). Iím having trouble both getting to sleep and staying asleep, despite the fact that Iím so tired Iím having trouble thinking clearly most of the day. I've started to have memory issues, where I'll be unable to remember the name of my only uncle, or the numeric codes I spend 40 hours a week using at work.

Because of all these concerns, I had a doctors appt in Dec where I asked them to check my thyroid. My TSH came back 3.34 (.45-4.5 is the lab range for normal.) The doctor said I was fine, and to try eating in a better way (which was the same as how I eat now). I've managed to get a referral to an endocrinologist, and plan to ask for more thorough testing, but I'm concerned about being written off as trying to self diagnose. I know everyone references the THS range of .3-3 as normal here, but I can't find that range anywhere more reliable than an site, which isn't quite the level of support I'd like. Is there something more reliable than that, or with a more accurate TSH range than this: ?

Beyond that, is there anything I'm missing? Does this sound like a thyroid issue to anyone else, or is it just me?

Thanks for your help!

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