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Re: Posture D-Calcium Supplement

Hi there,

The above poster is correct. However, remember that Vitamin D, calcium, and magnesium all play a role together. Most diets are sufficient in calcium, in fact, overly sufficient. The reason osteoporosis symptoms are probably seen is that there is not enough magnesium and Vitamin D present to use the calcium. So people are often misdiagnosed as calcium deficient, when it is in fact the others. If I were a betting man I'd say that if more people supplemented with magnesium and Vitamin D, symptoms would improve and no calcium supplement would be needed.

Looking at your supplement, tricalcium phosphate is not very bioavailable. Inorganic forms are not typically solvated in the stomach and intestines very well, so it simply passes out the other end. Some will absorb however. Calcium citrate penny for penny, would be better absorbed and cost effective. Also, minerals such as this as well as Vitamin D absorb much better with food. In fact, Vitamin D won't absorb at all witout some fat present, so taking with a meal works best. It enters the cell via active transport with a lipid.

Hope this helps, I wish you the best.